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HAVE IT ALL IN 2020... 

Here's what you'll learn:
  • ​How to have the body you desire and feel great in and / while also building and scaling your business. 
  • ​How to manage your mind, balance your energy and stay in alignment, so you are lit up and on fire in EVERY aspect of your life.
  • ​How to easily attract your soul clients and serve at a very high level.
  • ​How to own your authentic voice to connect deeply with others to move them to act (work with you / buy your products/services).
  • ​How to create the body, life, relationships, love life and business you crave and desire.
  • ​How to transform your money mindset so you can create a 6+ - 7 fig biz.
  • ​How to live a FULL LIFE and lead a THRIVING BUSINESS and stay out of the weeds of overwhelm and burnout (including adrenal fatigue).
  • How to own your worth, ask for what you want (and deserve) - and get it with confidence.
  • ​How to create, build and scale efficiently and quickly.
  • ​How to fully (LIKE NO BS) commit to yourself so you can achieve anything and everything your heart desires! 
  • ​And so much more! 

Here's what you get:



Top experts in health and fitness, wellness and healing, mindset, confidence, romance and love, empowerment and money mindset, wealth consciousness, building and how to start, run and scale your business over 7 figures.




                  12/19: BODY (Health / Wellness / Flow / Feeling Sexy and Confident and Empowered)

12/20: MINDSET (Clarity / Focus / Energy / Healing / Alignment / Balance)

                  12/21: MONEY (Ease and Attraction / Creating Total Abundance / Financial Freedom)

We are excited to see you and for you to rock it out in 2020! 

This SPECIAL LIVE EVENT is Hosted by 

 Girls just want to have fun, right?! Pisces sisters and great friends, Krystal and I met in a Leadership training program in San Diego in 2016, and have been connected best friends ever since. Both creative, innovative, problem solvers and visionaries working to grow our businesses we have also experienced massive life changes. We know that success comes from tribe and getting support is key to hit life and financial goals.  Chose wisely who you surround yourself with! Getting through the extreme lows and the epic celebrations is instrumental and there will be both as is part of life and business. 

Total promoters, we wanted to create something truly special with the intent to GIVE YOU a TON of VALUE so you can have a powerful year. We wanted it to be cool, fun, inspirational and powerful.  Like really powerful, joyful and abundant in all sense of the word. For you to learn and apply these extremely successful entrepreneurs  coaches, influencers and small business owner's secrets to make a MASSIVE difference in your business and your life.  

Having it All is your health and wellness, your confidence, clarity and courage to be BOLD, owning your super powers and creating flow and abundance so you actually can create financial freedom AND live a purposeful passionate life on fire.  

Knowing what it really takes to 'Have It All' means filling your cup and serving from a full and healthy, inspired and passionate courageous cup.  Putting yourself around women that are more successful than you, who support you and who inspire you to be the best version of yourself.  Being around and modeling experts, pro's, thought leaders and influencers who invest at a high level in themselves and it shows.  When you take time to work on yourself and develop an unshakable abundant mindset and apply what you are taught, you will continue to up level.

This is a giver's game!  We put this together with the intention to put proceeds towards Toys for Tots during the Holiday Season.  We will be selling a kick ass 2020 Package (exclusively for people that sign up for the series).  Proceeds will go to help kids get soccer balls as sports have made such a MASSIVE difference in Krystal and my life, both being college athletes.  We know we are going to rock your world with this and have some fun! 


MISSY STRASNER is an Entrepreneur and Sales Mentor to visionary entrepreneurs, small biz owners, coaches and influencers, teaching them how to manage their mind and confidently build, launch, sell and scale their high end offerings.

She has created and produced several online projects designed to inspire, connect and give the keys, top tools, strategies and practices to make a major impact and big money.  

Her mission is to help women show up powerfully (and confidently) as Feminine Leaders owning their worth, to be the best versions of themselves and live a badass amazing life that lights them up.


KRYSTAL JACKSON is a former All-American and Pro Beach Volleyball Player was instrumental in building Jackson Strength Academy into an internationally recognized training facility for elite athletes. 

Realizing they had a bigger calling, they sold their gym and Krystal now lives her true passion and mission in life which is empowering women to own their power and create the life of their dreams in body, mind and spirit.  

She is a creator, generator and manifestor.  A powerhouse leader and performance coach and helps business women, entrepreneurs and influencers up level all aspects of their life! 

The Future is Female!! 
This event is ALL about us supporting women to HAVE IT ALL!

We asked these powerhouse experts to share a short bio, what you'll learn as well as intro you to a cause that speaks to them!  This event is about giving, connection, love, inspiration, health and wellness, empowerment, fun, impact and making money!  

 In addition to the experts exclusive offers, we created a FABULOUS '2020 Have It All Package', thoughtfully curated for you!
 (You get access to when you sign up for this event) You'll see ALL the VALUE we each are GIVING you to make it a smokin' hot (no brainer) deal and for you to really make big moves in 2020 in your life and business! 


B O D Y   


AMY RAMSEY helps you be seen and heard in this world. She is a coach and copywriter committed to supporting entrepreneurs with the courage to get visible and be authentic. In her 7 years as a coach, Amy has helped countless entrepreneurs in their businesses with everything from mindset to strategy - and the root of it all is passion, purpose, and authenticity. 

You'll Learn: 
Creating Content that Converts: how to stand out online and attract your ideal clients while staying true to you.

-Finding your voice and knowing how to articulate your message so it connects with your audience - that's what leads to confidence, sales and impact!
- How to write social media content that speaks from the heart and brings in clients without being cheesy or salesy
- Understanding how to stand out, be positioned as an authority, and have your audience feel understood (and binging on your content)

❤️Cause Passionate About: 
Just in Time for Foster Youth is an organization that supports youth transitioning out of the foster care system with nowhere to go. At 18, kids age out of the system without support. For most of us, at 18 we are going off to college or have parents supporting us in finding our way. These kids don't have that and this organization helps. I can't imagine growing up in a system where I may have been passed around from home to home and then at 18 left to figure it all out on my own. I have a deep pull for supporting foster care children and improving the lives of those within it. 



CYNDI OLIN Cyndi has been studying love and relationships for as long as she can remember. She was always the girl that everyone came to, helping friends get dressed for dates (She also has a passion for and background in fashion), being asked for advice on what to say and do. Growing up as an only child, she always wanted to understand men. She often jokes that she used to wear “man repellant”. Her journey with learning to understand men and relationships has helped her in guiding others do the same. 
“I teach what I need the most” – Cyndi Olin

As a high-end matchmaker, she has coached and worked with hundreds of people (women and men), to find their happily ever after. Seeing the need that women (and men) have to develop a long term loving connection.

You'll Learn:
* Break relationship patterns that have been keeping them from love
* Meet the right partner
* Develop communication skills to foster deeper and easier connections
* Understand how to save relationships and marriages, creating a stronger long-term connection


KRYSTAL JACKSON is a former All-American and Pro Beach Volleyball Player was instrumental in building Jackson Strength Academy into an internationally recognized training facility for elite athletes. Realizing they had a bigger calling, they sold their gym and Krystal now lives her true passion and mission in life which is empowering women to own their power and create the life of their dreams in body, mind and spirit.  


NANCI TUNLEY is a Transformation Coach for health coaches and holistic entrepreneurs who are on a mission to create a prosperous business that leaves a legacy. Through her own journey as a Health Coach, she’s birthed several programs that help her clients fast track their success and understand the transformational journey that occurs within them while building their businesses. She has coached hundreds of her clients through limiting beliefs, create the space and boundaries for a profitable business and also helps them learn the leadership and coaching skills to lead their clients with full confidence. She is a certified Transformation Coach, Theta Healer and Functional Nutritionist.

You'll Learn:
5 Beliefs Keeping you Playing Small and How to Expand through them(even if it seems impossible).
*How to identify when your beliefs are not in alignment with what you really want 
*How to enroll your family and friends in your vision even when they think you are crazy

❤️Cause Passionate About:
Monarch School San Diego...
Serves homeless children

Because as I look at the legacy I am creating for my children I also realize how privileged I am to have the opportunity to do so. I also feel like one of the biggest gifts you could possibly give to a homeless parent is to give to their child's future and lifting the burden of not being able to do so. 

There are an average of 23,000 children homeless in San Diego. 23,000!!! 


RACHEL FELDMAN is a business coach for health focused solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, helping you nail down your niche, get your work out their strategically, and start building the business you deserve. She has worked 1:1 with hundreds of coaches building their businesses and supported over 8500 health coaches to build their business with the done for you program. 

You'll Learn:
-The Profitable Wellness Program...and all the details to make it as a wildly successful health coach -- if you are a newbie or been doing this a while and want to scale! 
-The secret to stay balanced and healthy and avoiding burn out during 6 figure launches so you can still have the business and life of your dreams.
-Health and funnel hacking!

M I N D 


CHELSEA ROSE is a Spiritual Business Coach for soulful female entrepreneurs who are ready to create meaningful lives full of purpose, freedom, and PLEASURE. She believes that elevating your mindset and energy and dropping into your pleasure is the secret to an irresistible and magnetic presence that attracts an abundance of clients and money with ease.

You'll Learn:
Turn on your Money Magnetism !  
Money attraction, manifestation, getting into alignment, business.
How to magnetically attract more money through a simple energy + mindset shift.
- Discover the energy shift that will make you magnetically irresistible to the money you desire. 
- Call in more money without having to work harder or self sacrifice.

❤️Cause Passionate About: 
Being from San Diego I feel very connected to our beaches and the ocean, its always been a form of therapy for me I couldn't imagine living without. I am passionate about doing whatever I can to preserve it so future generations can enjoy it as well. I love that the Surfrider Foundation does exactly that. Surfrider is a community of everyday people who passionately protect the ocean, waves, and beaches that provide us so much enjoyment. Link to donate >> https://www.surfrider.org/support-surfrider


JESSICA LEIGH is a best-selling author, facilitator, and dynamic speaker who fully believes in the power of story to motivate, inspire, and educate.

By combining her personal experience and passion for empowering women and our youth, she delivers compelling, yet fun and relatable presentations for conferences, social media events, podcasts, panels, retreats, workshops and seminars that have been met with rave reviews, and can be adapted to suit your venue and audience.

You'll Learn:
- Build your influence using your voice and gifts as a confident authentic woman.
-Love the skin you're in - protect, accept and love the woman you are. 
-How to protect yourself from the comparison trap (mindset)!
- Don't allow external influence to affect your internal influence.


JESSICA RIVERSON is the CEO and Founder of the International Coaching and Training company, Permission to Charge™ where she teaches coaches, consultants, and experts how to own their worth and properly price and package their expertise into a premium program that actually sells

You'll Learn:
-Balancing soul and strategy!
-A new feminine model for success as an entrepreneur, coach, business owner and influencer!
-Growing your business to $10, $20 and $50K months easily with flow.. so you can serve and receive at the highest level. 
-How to open your channel to receive so you can step into your full potential and impact...and make tons of money doing it!


KELLY LYNN ADAMS is a certified executive life & business coach, speaker, & creator of the perfectly imperfect podcast. She is also the founder of The After 5 Club which has helped hundreds of high achieving executives, leaders, celebrities, moms, influencers & entrepreneurs (especially Professional & Corporate Executives with a side hustle) manage their mindset, maximize their time and monetize in their businesses. Her mission is to help others redefine success through shifting their thoughts, increasing their confidence, stepping into their power and supersizing their self-love.

You'll Learn:
Power, flow, ease and grace in life and business. How one action, thought & feeling can change your whole day in a second.
The Inner Game: Mindset, Money & Mastery
*The number #1 technique that will keep you laser focused and grow exponential over time.
*How to stop creating a default future and start creating the future that you desire.

❤️Cause Passionate About:
Founded in 2005, Kiva specializes in giving loans to people, who pay those loans back. This is not a traditional charity. It is empowerment. More than one billion dollars have been lent in this way since Kiva started.

Kiva is not just for women, but 81 percent of its beneficiaries are women, often entrepreneurs who found small businesses that help them, their families and their communities.

How does Kiva work? You, the donor/lender, give as little as $25 (or much more) to help someone somewhere to start a business, pay a bill, or go to school. That person eventually pays back the “loan” so that you, the lender can then lend to another person. It’s not a handout.


KRISTEN LENA is a Catalyst for Bold + Audacious Self-Expression, she helps purpose-driven women unleash who they are and use their voice to create a fully expressed life. As a 14-year fitness industry veteran, she coached and trained more than 1000 women around their health and wellness and now stands to empower women in body, mind and spirit. She believes that when women come together from their highest self and use their voice for good, everything is possible.

You'll Learn:
-How to have a strong mind AND a strong body.
-How to be bold and fearless!
-How to OWN your power and powerfully say what you mean and mean what you say!
-Unleash and fully express yourself in your life and in your business.


MISSY STRASNER is an Entrepreneur and Sales Mentor to visionary entrepreneurs and small business owners teaching them how to manage their mind and confidently build, launch and sell their high end offerings and scale their business successfully. She has created and produced several online projects designed to inspire, connect and give the keys, top tools, strategies and practices to make a major impact and big money. Her mission is to help women show up powerfully as Feminine Leaders owning their worth and be the best versions of themselves and live a badass amazing life that lights them up.

You'll Learn:
-The real secret to up leveling your life and business and building and scaling your business like a pro and not a hobbiest.
-To go from 6+ figure entrepreneurs to getting past 7 figures, what you need to be doing.
-Why too many people focus on the wrong things when it comes to selling high end packages, products (courses) and services and what you need to be sure to focus on first.
-What you need to get dialed to make a BIG impact and big money and serve your clients at a VERY HIGH level.

❤️Cause Passionate About:
Become a donor: https://www.organdonor.gov/register.html

There were 36,196 lifesaving transplants performed this year.
I chose to focus on UNOS and bring more awareness to Organ Donation because this had been so close to home.  One of my best friends of 9 years had a heart transplant February 25, 2018. He had a heart attack on July 27, 2018 and had a LVAD put in and less than 6 months later, his pump failed and he went 1A status (most urgent) to get a heart.  Had his donor not been a donor, my friend may not have had the opportunity to live the full life he is living today.  A life of passion and purpose.  He would not be able to change millions of people's lives inspiring them with his story overcoming adversity.  I would like to be a loving and powerful reminder that YOU and YOUR family and friends can save many peoples lives.



ABIGAIL REBECCA empowers female leaders to get highly visible & raise their profile to get more clients, make more money and create extraordinary success. If you’re ready to play a bigger game, she will help you step into your full radiant feminine leadership power to amplify your bigger vision and create lifelong freedom, bliss, success & financial abundance. That way, you have the time, energy and freedom to live a purposeful, blissful, extraordinary life on your terms.

You'll Learn:
I'll show you how to create videos that convert, to get more clients and make more money.
-It should come as no surprise to you that the “experts” in your industry attract the most business, even if they don’t offer a more superior product or service.
-Video is the quickest and easiest way to connect globally with many people and I want you to feel confident doing it.
-How to stand out in such a crowded market place to grow your business and your bank balance.
-Reach more people you reach out and connect with, the more successful you become and the bigger difference you can make in this world, for yourself and others.


HEATHER STAFFORD Founder and the Leading Strategic Concept Alchemist of Creative Tech Consulting. A born entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems and creating massive results. Leaping from startup to fast growing industry leaders, she is an Expert in technology, strategy and systems, and specializes in solving the #1 Entrepreneur problem… TIME. “Gaining a business owner back their time creates an invaluable opportunity for them to grow. This allows them to expand their reach, create more impact and experience more financial freedom.”

You'll Learn:
What you need to be doing in your business to get to 7 figures.
What to make sure you have in place to sell masterfully.
How to create a team that supports you building and scaling your business FAST and effectively.
What many entrepreneurs fail to do early on that bites them in the ass- to have it all in 2020 you need to be doing this...


JEN JOHNSON is a High Performance Christian Business Coach. She is all about educating and empowering others to build profitable businesses by design incorporating faith, passion & purpose. Helping faith driven entrepreneurs discover their voice, deliver their message and find purpose in their work to make a bigger impact in the world. She’s a wife and mother of two crazy kids, a musician at heart and has a mission to help others learn how to live life by God’s terms, instead of the worlds. She is the creator of the Your Creator’s Corner Community and has a deep love for helping others step out of fear and into faith in life and business. 

You'll Learn:
Turn Your Content Into Cash!
How to commit to a content strategy that will build their influence, grow your community and create more sales, clients and revenue!

❤️Cause Passionate About: 
When you sponsor a child, you’ll be personally connected with a boy or girl who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care.

-an opportunity to attend or stay in school
-medical care, which often saves lives
-nourishing food
-mentoring and a safe environment through a local evangelical church and most important, opportunities to hear the gospel.

Compassion child sponsorship works! Millions of children have “graduated” from the program and are now responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. When you make a commitment to sponsor a child you allow God to work through you in the life of that child in poverty.


KRISHA YOUNG and SHAUNA ARTHURS bring their combined power to you in what could be considered a depth-charge, transformational life experience. Each a successful business woman in their own right, they met in 2018, and as they became acquainted it was quickly clear that their respective skills and journeys created a synergy that would be very powerful for clients, and for this planet. 

They are each dedicated to their own evolution, and as such they continue to up the ante in how they show up for each other and clients alike. The paradigm they are creating insists on deeper conversations, more courageous and powerful inner work, and MORE JOY as a result. Always. With deep alignment to their own expanding truths, they offer clients, both in group settings and private packages, a lifeline into worlds of happiness and impact that had only been glimpsed in dreams. They live into it and then they guide others. They serve so deeply that the only result, when a client is as invested as they are, is a complete transformation.

You'll Learn:
Living in your own highest alignment. From this, all else flows. 
Getting back to your true aligned self is your secret. 
There is a wider, healthier space you can inhabit that is so beautiful and powerful it will seem like a different universe. 
-How is your business evolving?
-What kind of impact are you making now?
-What do you really want your listeners to know?


MALORIE TADIMI is the motivational, empowerment, and online marketing powerhouse that online entrepreneurs are obsessed with. She has successfully turned her life experience into a thriving online business built around what makes her feel alive. With her energetic personality and "Drop the excuses!" message, she's like your very best friend that magically pulls you out of your slump and into massive action. She is a 33-year-old mother of three that shares her own roller coaster journey through failure, self-doubt, and ultimately becoming a wild success — all while growing the online business of her dreams.  

You'll Learn:
How to turn your skills (and package), knowledge, or expertise into a product that you can sell online so you can work smarter and not harder.
-How to stop doing 90% of the busy work you've been doing to get leads, clients, and sales and skyrocket your income and impact.
-What a minimum viable marketing system is and the secret to using it to grow your business in record time with ease.

❤️Cause Passionate About:

We are a small charity based in Morocco, spearheaded by Richard Branson's mum, Eve Branson. Our mission is to provide young people with valuable skills-training through our dedicated craft centres and to preserve traditional Berber crafts, enriching the lives of local families from Atlas Mountain communities. Since 2005, our collaborative programs have made a positive impact in the region and we continue to work in close partnership with award-winning hotel Kasbah Tamadot. 

I'm drawn to the Eve Branson Foundation because they specifically work with young women in the region of Morocco that my husband's family is from. I've personally seen these women have hopes and dreams that feel impossible to accomplish because of the lack of training and education readily available to them in the region. The Eve Branson Foundation provides the training and support they need to launch their careers in creating traditional Berber crafts.



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